We’re volunteers who have taken first aid to a new level. Exceptionally well-equipped, we’ve taken the trouble to ensure that we have the skills to match.

 Our six trainers take great care to tailor their courses to meet your requirements, within the constraints of the regulatory bodies.

 Our ambulance, crewed by Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders, enables us to provide comprehensive services at your off-road or indoor event.

 We cover all of Fife and the surrounding area within a radius of about 80 miles from Burntisland. With forward planning we’re also happy to travel further afield.

 Weekends and evenings are when we are at our best. Most of our volunteers see those times as a break from their full-time jobs. It’s when they can do what they enjoy most – delivering first aid training and services to an appreciative public.

 Daytime / midweek courses and events can still be covered – it just takes a little longer to schedule. If that’s what you need, we’ll do what we can.

 As a voluntary organisation, our members work for love rather than money. It means that our rates can be very competitive. We offer professional quality at a modest cost. We have to be good – returning customers enable us to invest in our own future. We’d be glad to discuss how we can help you.